Wednesday, March 25, 2015

9/11 False Flag Conspiracy - Finally Solved (Names, Connections, Motives)

The WTT were full of asbestos. Records show that they tried to get permission to demolish them, but due to the asbestos were denied.
 The WTT were losing revenue due to outdated amenities, no fiberoptics, etc. Midtown was where everyone had gone to. Most of the tenants of the WTT were government agencies.
 It would have cost in the area of $38 Billion to demolish the WTT as per EPA guidelines. Simply not worth it.
 Larry Silverstein is well known for tearing down buildings and putting up new ones. His whole career has been buying  properties and demolishing them. a la 99 Church street et al.
 The steel frame  tower in Madrid was an inferno and burned for 15+ hours it did not collapse. The WTT fires were contained to a few floors and firemen on the scene inside said they only needed two hoses to put it out.
The WTT were office buildings. There was nothing iin them that could create the necessary temperatures to cut the steel columns. The top floors fell nearly straight down and at freefall speed, which means that EVERY core column had to have been gone at the exact same moment. Not "fail" but totally disappear. The ONLY way for that to occur is by cutting them with charges.
  IF there was an airplane, and IF it were flying 500MPH it would leave a vortice similar to the wake a boat makes. NONE of the videos show the telltale signs of curling smoke caught in the vortices. Therefore there could not have been a plane or drone.
 The people who did 9/11  are not loyal to America. Many of them DO hold political offices, yes, but they seek to destroy the USA from within. Thomas Jefferson warned of this 200years ago so it isn't a BS conspiracy theory.
 As for the monetary cost, they own the federal reserve and money is no object.
 On 9/11 a group of whistleblowers were called to have a meeting in the WTT 1, The guy who called this meeting "just happened" to get caught in traffic and wasn't there. Millions of motorists in Manhattan are able to be at work on time EVERY day. These whistleblowers "just happened" to be in the EXACT  spot that the "plane" hit.
 Larry Silverstein never missed a day of work EXCEPT on 9/11. He alleges that he had an emergency appointment with a  doctor. Though no one has been able to verify his STORY.
 The Pentagon "just happened" to be hit in the EXACT spot where the building had been upgraded and missile proofed. It was also the EXACT spot where the records were that could track the missing trillions that Donald Rumsfeld mentioned on 9/10.
 GHWBush gave a speech about New World Order and the United Nations taking over the USA on 9/11/1991. There was also $250 Billion in fake ten-year treasury bonds created that day . on 9/11 those bonds came due. Though absolutely no proof they existed they were paid off. They were kept in the WTC.
  In the basement of the WTC were private vaults, safety deposit boxes. They were found ALL opened and ransacked. There also was tons of gold bullion which was stolen and never recovered. If the  alleged 19 hijackers were all dead, who could have opened hundreds of safety deposit boxes and loaded trucks with gold and gotten away ?
 If anyone believes that the Jews didn't do 9/11 they are stupid as fuck.

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