Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Distilled Water Secrets UN Doesn't Want You to Know!

water is pure water look it up.  you get over 95% of your minerals from
food.  T Patrick Culp is dis info!  he wants ya to drink tap water with
fluoride in it.  It's not to hard to figure out not to eat or drink
stuff that has the skull and cross bones on it.  It doesn't help prevent
cavities either.  studies have shown no difference from places with
fluoride water and those without.  It does cause fluorosis and lower IQ
scores in children and a bunch of other things also.  look it up, your
being duped.

Fluoride is a highly toxic substance. Consider, for example, the poison warning labels the FDA requires on toothpastes sold in the US; or the extended use of fluorination in pesticides used to kill rats and insects; or the millions of people in China and India who now suffer crippling bone diseases from fluorinated drinking water.

Studies continue to demonstrate that fluoride has little to no effect in preventing tooth decay when added to water. However various studies reveal long term effects including: damage to the brain, thyroid disease, arthritic, bone cancer, and other bone diseases, reproductive issues, and more. Fluoride is also known as one of the major chemicals used in behavior modification. It acts like a numbing agent on the brain and works like a sedative; making people docile. This exact ‘fluoridination’ was used by the Germans in WWII.

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