Tuesday, December 30, 2014

LOOK UP Chemtrails Geo Engineering Weather MOD

The chemicals in these clouds are death to humans! They are turning this
planet into a science fiction nightmare! They are psychopaths! If
people don't band together to stop this we are doomed and so is all life
on earth. You (if you survive) will be looking at a halogram of trees
and animals that used to be here! Your environment will consist of
plastic trees and flowers! You will only be allowed so much radiation
per day to go outside and stand on the last 20 feet of uncontaminated
earth as the psychopaths laugh in satisfaction that you did nothing and
let them have their way! I am ashamed to be part of the human race in
this day to see such atrocities and crimes of stupidity beyond
magnitude! To see people with their heads in the sand supporting
criminals and criminal governments all screaming terror,terror from the
Middle East while their own government is spraying POISON on your heads
everyday!! Where is the real terror?It is an absolute shame that this
can go on and people have to be begged to see what is so obvious!
Intelligent people investigate. Stupid people try to get informed and
"come to truth and become smart" DUMB ignores,denies and won't see!
Those people should be the ones to walk around with inhalers like
walking pharmaceutical ads! In a real America they would not have gotten
past go with something as insane as this!Time to think back to when
those Charleton Heston movies were in the theatres like Omega Man, This
is what they WANT for you. It is their PLEASURE to do this to your world
under your feet and above your head! Money is nothing to them.
Destroying this planet is nothing to them. They have their own plans!
The more you sit in denial and display complacency the more they hate
you justifying their actions as they "know" what you are allowing them
to destroy ,they know,YOU DON'T because you chose to be shallow,you'd
rather impress your friends by spending your time in tattoo parlors and
night clubs with too much beer in your guts and no guts at all to ignore
the most horrific atrocities happening before your eyes! Screwing up
the only chance for you to do something that matters in your time here
on earth besides learning how to be a dead beat to your self more than
anyone else in your lives! If watching this documentary does not wake
you up then you deserve a plastic tree in a radioactive world! Then you
should suffer the consequences of your own choice!

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